The Finnish Inverse Prize

The Finnish Inverse Prize is the annual award of the Finnish Inverse Problems Society. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of inverse problems broadly defined, and to encourage future work in the field. The prize is most often awarded to a young researcher for an outstanding doctoral thesis in inverse problems.

The prize winner is selected by the Board of Governors of the Finnish Inverse Problems Society. The award is presented in the annual Inverse Days conference, and the current prize amount is 2000 euros. The prize has been awarded every year starting from 2000 (in 2000-2014 the prize was known as the Pertti Lindfors prize).

In 2016, two specific prize categories were introduced: Early Career Prize and Dissertation Prize.

The prize winners are:

2016 Hanne Kekkonen (Dissertation Prize)
2016 Aki Pulkkinen (Early Career Prize)
2015 Stratos Staboulis
2014 Joonas Ilmavirta
2013 Kati Niinimäki
2012 Antti Solonen
2011 Lauri Oksanen
2010 Markus Harju
2009 Tapio Helin
2008 Juha Vierinen
2007 Marko Laine
2006 Anssi Lehikoinen
2005 Kenrick Bingham
2004 Mikko Salo
2003 Nuutti Hyvönen
2002 Sari Lasanen
2001 Mikko Kaasalainen
2000 Aku Seppänen

Last updated on Dec 15, 2016.