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The Finnish Inverse Problems Society (FIPS) proudly presents the Helsinki Deblur Challenge 2021 (HDC2021). We invite all scientists and research groups to test their deconvolution algorithms on our real-world data.

Can you make it the top of the leaderboard on September 30, 2021, when the challenge closes?

The Grand Prize

The top participants of the challenge will be invited to a minisymposium at the Inverse Days Conference organized by the Finnish Inverse Problems Society (FIPS) to be held in Tampere, Finland, in December 2021.

The journal Inverse Problems and Imaging will run a special issue publishing articles from participants of the HDC2021 competition.

On top of eternal glory as the Supreme Deconvolver, the winner also receives the Ultimate Imaging Device. It is a vintage viewfinder camera model Konica Auto S2 shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The Grand Prize of the Helsinki Deblur Challenge. It is a vintage viewfinder camera model Konica Auto S2 equipped with a Hexanon 45mm f1.8 lens..

Load a roll of legendary Kodak Tri-X film into this beautifully engineered classic camera and shoot away! You will surely need a top-notch deconvolution algorithm to deblur the resulting images. Why? Although the Hexanon 45mm lens has excellent quality (and an impressive maximal aperture 1.8), the manual focus gives no visual feedback whatsoever in the viewfinder. You will be sure to misfocus most of your photos!